My Story
White Horse
of The All
Words from an
Arcturian Soul

White Arcturian Horses

Welcome to my Heart and Soul
I am a Telomaar Equine

Contact: starhorselight@live.com

Dear Beautiful Things,

I describe the Arcturian Horses

Star Soul incarnation into Human Beings

And my journey to live that way and to modify body and life into being what I am

I have incarnated from Telmaar, sometimes called Telomaar by others, and once called Tomar in a book about Arcturians. We are Light Beings, and we resemble the White Horse, or Equine.

This website is like my personal scrapbook and diary

Saemkhaar - I do not yet, here on Earth, remember what that means, but I keep saying it every time I incarnate
Update: Saemkhaar means I am here

Don't turn out your light
I'm burning too
Find your love in the dark

You just light the way
I'll be there soon
My one and my only
Unknown source

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